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Background Screening

Screening Information

All persons requiring to be screened must be eligible prior to being hired to work in a position that provides direct service.

It is required for all screenings to be initiated through the Clearinghouse website prior to sending an applicant to a Livescan Service Provider for fingerprinting. Initiating the screening through the Clearinghouse provides the ability to track a screening through the process, and receive email updates when an employee's status has been changed or updated.

The employee may not have direct contact with the vulnerable population until the screening process is completed and the employee is determined eligible. However, an employer may hire an employee/volunteer to a position that requires background screening before the employee completes the screening process for training and orientation purposes.

Level 2 screening records are confidential and may not be shared with anyone other than the individual that was screened. The employer should contact the person screened if delays exist.

Click here to read the Updated Renewal Notes (Effective: March 7, 2018)

Clearinghouse Renewal Notice (Effectived 11/14/2017)

All AAAs and providers, please ensure a distribution receipt is sent to your corresponding Contract Mangers upon sending this information to providers. This is to ensure that all providers and users of the Clearinghouse have reviewed the website, and watched the instructional video. The Background Screening Unit has attached the guide and FAQs as well. As of this transmittal, two requests for renewals have been received by the Clearinghouse; this is live and working.

One thing to remember is that renewals are actually a benefit—it’s cheaper, it’s quicker, you don’t have to deal with livescan service providers. AAAs and providers will receive notices when employees fingerprints expire ONLY when included on the employee roster (this has never happened before), this is great news!

To All Aging Network Providers

We recommend that you frequently review employee eligibility on the website. Daily updates to the website might change an individual's eligibility to work for a health care provider.

General Information

Documents Necessary for Background Screening

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