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Notices of Instruction 2020

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Memos are periodically issued offering guidance to help providers know how to deliver services in a way that complies with government requirements. Unless specified otherwise, the entries listed below in the "Notices" section are Notices of Instruction.

November Attachments
Notice of Instruction: NAPIS Reporting, FFY 2019-20
NOTICE#: 111620-1-I-SWCBS
October Attachments
Notice of Instruction: New Evidence-Based Service (Appendix A)
Notice #: 102920-1-I-SWCBS
Bingocize (Appendix A)
September Attachments
Notice of Instruction: 2020 ADI/CCE Co-payment Information
Notice #: 082620-1-I-SWCBS
2020 Co-Pay Financial Worksheet
2020 Co-Pay Financial Worksheet Instructions
2020 Co-Pay Schedule Couple
2020 Co-Pay Schedule Individual
August Attachments
Notice of Instruction: 2021 Area Plan Update
Notice #: 070220-1-I-SWCBS
2021 Area Plan Update Contract Module
2021 Update Area Plan Template and Instructions
Summary of Changes
June Attachments
Notice of Instruction: New Evidence-Based Service (Appendix A)
Notice #: 060220-l-I-SWCBS
Savvy Caregiver Description
March Attachments
Notice of Instruction: Update to Home Modification Services
Notice #: 031220-1-I-SWCBS
Notice of Instruction: 2020 Update to the Department's Programs and Services Handbook (Handbook)
Notice #: 022820-1-I-SWCBS
2020 Programs and Services Handbook (Handbook) - Summary of Major Changes

2020 Chapter 1: DOEA Sponsored Programs General Info Planning Monitoring

2020 Chapter 2: Intake Screening Prioritization Assessment

2020 Chapter 3: Older Americans Act

2020 Chapter 4: Community Care for the Elderly

2020 Chapter 5: Alzheimer's Disease Initiative

2020 Chapter 6: Home Care for the Elderly

2020 Chapter 7: RELIEF

2020 Appendix A: Services Descriptions and Standards

2020 Appendix B: Co-Payment for Service Guidelines

2020 Appendix C: Client Information and Registration Tracking System (CIRTS)

2020 Appendix D: Recipient Grievance Procedures

2020 Appendix E: Background Screening Clearinghouse Instructions

DOEA Form 236: Background Screening Affidavit of Compliance - Candidate
February Attachments
Notice of Instruction: Reporting Requirements for Emergency Meals
Notice #: 021020-1-I-SWCBS
Notice of Instruction: Home Care for the Elderly (HCE) Special Subsidies and Transfer of Funds
Notice #: 020620-2-I-SWCBS
Notice of Instruction: Community Care for the Elderly (CCE) Meal Codes
Notice #: 020620-1-I-SWCBS

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2020

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