The Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) maintains this Resource Directory as an informational service to help elders, their families, caregivers, and others interested in elder issues learn about available resources and organizations in their respective areas. The appearance of an individual or organization on this site is not intended as an endorsement of that individual or organization or any products or services identified on their external websites. DOEA disclaims any and all warranties, including accuracy, completeness, or validity of the data, and assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained on this Resource Directory. DOEA does not warrant either expressly or by implication any individual, organization, product, or service appearing on this site or that is electronically linked to this site. This Resource Directory is not intended to be used as a tool for verifying the credentials, qualifications, or abilities of any professional, organization, product, or service. DOEA strongly urges all users of this Resource Directory to conduct their own research of any individual, organization, product, or service appearing on this site or that is electronically linked to this site. DOEA also recommends that users exercise independent judgment and request references when considering a resource associated with diagnosis, treatment, or the provision of any service.
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  • Agency for Health Care Administration
    State regulatory agency that provides important and useful materials including: health facility regulation, long-term care services, managed health care, Medicaid services, statistics, certificates of need, complaint and information call center, and more.

  • Department of Children & Families
    State agency charged with protecting the vulnerable, promoting strong and economically self-sufficient families, and advancing personal and family recovery and resiliency.

  • Department of Financial Services
    State agency directed by the Chief Financial Officer, the constitutional official whose duties include investigating financial fraud, overseeing insurance agents and agencies, and helping consumers with financial services issues. Visit the SafeGuard Our Seniors Website.

  • Department of Health
    State agency that promotes and protects the health and safety of all people in Florida through the delivery of quality public health services and the promotion of health care standards.

  • Florida Department of Veterans Affairs
    State agency that helps Florida veterans, their families and survivors improve their health and economic well-being through quality benefit information, advocacy, education and long-term health services.

  • Public Service Commission
    State agency that regulates Florida utilities, including those that provide consumers with some of their most essential services: electricity, natural gas, telephone, water and wastewater.

  • Senior vs Crime
    Seniors vs Crime is a special project of the Florida Attorney General. The Seniors vs Crime Project helps educate seniors about scam, consumer fraud and other criminal acts.


  • AARP
    Membership organization that promotes positive social change for individuals age 50 and over through information, advocacy and service.

  • Florida Association of Area Agencies on Aging
    Organization of the state’s 11 partners Area Agencies on Aging, who work as a team to help ensure that older Floridians can live their retirement years with dignity.

  • Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling
    Provides information, resource referrals and support services for problem gamblers, their families, employers and others.

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