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DOEA Publications, Reports, & Profiles


  • Annual Reports & Evaluations of DOEA-Administered Programs
    Annual reports on CARES, Medicaid waivers, and evaluations of other Department-administered programs.

  • Assessment Forms, Instructions, & Training
    Includes the Department's assessment forms, instructions, and associated training materials, including the 701A Condensed Assessment; 701C Congregate Meals Assessment; 701S Screening Form; 701T Non-Community Placement Assessment.

  • Budgetary & Legislative Reports
    Department financial and legislative reports.

  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
    Developed by the Department and used to assess the programs for which DOEA has oversight.

  • Consumer Guides
    Publications with information of interest to elders, adults with disabilities, family members, and caregivers. Includes the Consumer Resource Guide, the Older Floridians Handbook, and Elder Update.

  • Demographic Profiles & Statistics
    The Florida County Profiles, the National Aging Program Information System (NAPIS) State Program Reports, and the Summary of Programs & Services (SOPS).

  • Monitoring Tools & Survey Toolkits
    Includes Monitoring & Quality Assurance tools, the Senior Center Evaluation Toolkit with Excel file and surveys, and the Performance Measurement Toolkit, developed as part of the Performance Outcome Measures Project (POMP).

  • Other Reports & Resources
    Reports and publications from other agencies and links to aging resources that may be of interest to elders, caregivers, researchers, and others.

  • Performance Measures
    Hospice, Area Agency on Aging (AAA), and DOEA performance measures.

  • Plans
    The Florida State Plan on Aging, the DOEA Long-Range Program Plan (LRPP), the Florida Master Plan on Aging, and the Senior Employment State Plan.

  • Recent Publications
    The latest reports and publications.

  • State Health Improvement Plan
    The latest reports and publications.

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