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Florida’s National Accredited Senior Centers

The highest national achievement for senior centers is national accreditation, and Florida is fortunate to have national accredited centers. Awarded by the National Institute of Senior Centers, a unit of the National Council on the Aging, accreditation requires a center to undergo a self-assessment process and peer review. Senior center directors who have completed the process report the following benefits:

  • Improving and enhancing overall programs and operations;
  • Assisting in determining outcome measurements; and
  • Increasing public awareness about the center’s services and activities among funders, community persons, participants, and families.
  • Accreditation must be renewed after five years.

For more information, visit the National Council on the Aging’s website (senior centers information) at http://www.ncoa.org/national-institute-of-senior-centers/standards-accreditation/.

List of Florida’s Nationally Accredited Senior Centers and Year Accredited

Sunshine Senior Center (St. Petersburg) (2001)

Tallahassee Senior Center (2002)
    Contact: Sheila Salyer*, Manager
    Tallahassee Senior Services
    1400 N. Monroe Street
    Tallahassee, Florida 32303
    Phone: 850-891-4000
    Fax: 850-891-4020
    E-mail: sheila.salyer@talgov.com
    Website: http://www.talgov.com/seniors/
    *Also serves as Florida’s delegate to the National Institute of Senior Centers

Senior Friendship Center of Sarasota (2003)

Senior Friendship Center of Venice (2003)

Boynton Beach Senior Center (2006)

Lane Wiley Senior Center (Jacksonville) (2007)

Coastal Community Services (St. Augustine) (2007)

The Volen Center (Boca Raton) (2008)
    Contact: Brenda K. Bryant
    1515 West Palmetto Park Road
    Boca Raton, Florida  33486
    Phone:  561-395-8920
    Toll Free:  866-711-6872
    Fax:  561-338-9127
    E-mail: bryantb@maevolen.com
    Website: http://maevolen.com/

Gulfport Multipurpose Center (2010)

Brandon Senior Center (2010)

Town n’ Country Senior Center (Tampa) (2010)

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