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As one of Florida's smallest state agencies, the Department of Elder Affairs has to use innovative and cost-effective methods to serve one of the state's largest populations. With the help of more than 40,000 volunteers, the Department and the aging services network are able to foster an environment where seniors can thrive and grow. Through its dedicated corps of volunteers, the Department can be a perfect fit for anyone with a passion for advocacy and helping seniors.

DOEA Volunteer Programs

Click on the program titles below to learn more about our volunteer programs.

  • Americorps
    A network of national service programs that engage members and community volunteers in intensive service to meet critical needs in education, public health and the environment.

  • Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
    Utilizes volunteers to help improve the lives of Floridians by advocating on behalf of those who live in long-term care settings such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities and adult family care homes.

  • Respite for Elders Living in Everyday Families – RELIEF
    Offers respite services to caregivers of frail elders and those with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.

  • Senior Companion Program
    Volunteers provide services to elders at risk of institutionalization due to chronic illness, disability or isolation. Services include such things as transportation to medical appointments, shopping assistance, meal preparation, companionship and advocacy, as well as respite for caregivers.

  • Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders – SHINE
    Provides educational materials and free, unbiased insurance counseling to Florida elders, caregivers and family members.

Volunteer Partnership

  • Guardian ad Litem Program - is a network of professional staff and community advocates, partnering to provide a strong voice in court and positive systemic change on behalf of Florida’s abused and neglected children. There are 21 local Guardian ad Litem programs in 20 judicial circuits in Florida.

    Contact Information: 1-866-341-1425 or

  • Senior vs Crime - is a non-profit organization of senior volunteers working to right civil wrongs for Florida seniors and to educate seniors about scam, consumer fraud, con games and other criminal acts. Seniors v Crime is a special project of the Florida Attorney General. The Seniors vs Crime Project is actively seeking volunteers to become Senior Sleuths and help the Project to better protect Seniors from harmful activity.

    Contact Information: 1-800-203-3099 or

  • Volunteer Florida - The Governor's Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service was established in 1994 by the Florida Legislature to administer grants under the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993. The Commission grants funds to Florida AmeriCorps and National Service programs; encourages volunteerism for everyone from youth to seniors to people with disabilities; promotes volunteerism for disaster preparedness and response; and helps to strengthen and expand Volunteer Centers in Florida.

    Contact Information:

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